The secret,

originally published in Ascent Aspirations  Dec. 2010 / Jan 2012

The Secret

Walking against the moons light; a shadow following behind me, my pace quickens.

My breath is deeper, faster in the cool air. The darkness is on one side of everything with silver iridescent light cast on the other. Simple objects bearing resemblance to mythical creatures, but I stay focused. My weight landing on my toes first than as I feel the ground under me I carefully place my foot down. I’m making little noise as I run through the forest crushing the leaves with every step. The time doesn’t matter had I known prior to this I would have been prepared. I have looked everywhere and can’t find them. She is close behind and can’t hear them. Nothing.

My words are gone, nowhere to be found. It is like the vital life force has been taken from me. My connection to the divine has been disconnected and lost forever. Even the beginning of the story is just out of my reach. She is just a few steps behind me and I can hear her thoughts she is so close, I can almost taste for her existence. The object of my desires is in her hands. She carries the truth on her back like a small child wrapped safely in case of emergency. The only emergency is the lack of words.

I spot his brown eyes watching me run, her brother who knows why. Why there are so many obstacles between me and the gates to all that I have ever wanted. He can’t contain his laughter in his Timeless way his face lights up when I know he is there.

“Are they in the seeds that you have sown?” she asks, though she knows I didn’t plant a garden this year the first year in awhile. I spent so much time just watering all my potted plants because there was so little rain.

‘Did you leave them at school?” She giggles. No, no I’ve been online and see all the formulated regulations with no time to play. Official rules out my opinions and self all in the name of the game to pass a class. No, No, No my words have found no social justice the compliance of regulation that encompasses the homework. My motive has been removed with my prose and rules.

“What about lunch at noon, did you cook and eat them? “ Zoe said as she was looking. The gypsy reminded me that it was getting late. I spend most of my time preparing food, serving and eating. My words use to boil over. I could catch them from my mind and put them on paper and they would just stay there, right where I left them. They didn’t stay though, I went to put them there and they were gone. I had missed my chance.

I was so busy. They came and left before I realized. I only had so much time before they were gone. I was trying too hard to make the words appear on the page. The connection was lost through technology. The process of development is over shadowed by the distribution the inertia becomes dissolved.

“What if you just typed? Then could you find them?” Mr. Timeless said to me. I could just start typing if only that voice were loud and clear. I stopped listening so long ago, so it stopped talking with no one listening. He bends down and picks a purple flower and smells it. He tucks this sweet intoxicating lavender behind my ear.

“How do you wake up that voice that helps you to create?” I have been so busy for so long, I just realized I lost it. Would I ever find it?’

“It’s all in you Mom” I just have to make time.

Michelle Bryan has been published in three versions of the library of poetry, 93, 04, and 07. Michelle also produced a single piece of profound prose about rape that was one of the pieces preformed on MCTV. Her art has been shown in single shows at the Belly Bowl, Four Directions, and Dancing Dragon. The community’s shows that she has participated in were for the Deerfield Valley arts, and The Vagina Monologues fundraiser. She holds an associate’s degree in fine arts from Gcc and a BA in Environmental and Holistic arts

Bi polar, depression and holistic health

bipolar & holistic health
a puzzle> Body and brain Bipolar and depression disorders run ramped through my family. There is a great majority of relatives with similar issues. As a kid it felt like an angry curse. As a mom I am so scared that I can’t break the cycle. Before I leave my living room I have picked up seven books to help me through this paper. There are so many was of dealing with problems within the realm of depression disorders through means of; energy, genetics, environmental, spiritual, and current biomedical treatments and using a holistic approach to overcome it. Everyone has taken a different approach to dealing with their lives some with greater consequence than others. As a holistic issue the difference that has occurred within the inevitable inheritance that affects ‘my tribe’. The first chakra at the base of your spine deals with family issue’s  and how we relate to the world .This is where you first develop your belief system, where habits are formed(Myss,103). There have been five women in my family that have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. In the DSM 1V code is 296 this is someone with severe mood swings, having extreme joys and all out low and manic depressive with matching behavior(psychnet) Others have been diagnosed with things like post postpartum depression, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, manic depression, boarder line personality disorder, bulimic and anorexic. Cutting also runs in the family. There are five cutters I do believe that this phase is over but it is still very much an issue dealing with depression. There is also some severe sexual issue’s, as a primal fear this would be seen as a second chakra. Some have more than one symptom. I am afraid that my kids and I show definite symptoms and have many issues as well, though our therapists have not diagnosed the kids. All of these dysfunctions of depression can result from the second chakra (129-130 Myss) The chakras are a group of energy centers there are seven of them that are lined up from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. Each one has a lot of things that it can encompass. Energetically focusing on each one of these to help deal with and alleviate problems.(myss) There is no none cure for bipolar, they do list bio medicines that may help like lithium. The severity of it depends upon the treatment.  Those who are able to stay away from drugs and alcohol, eat right and exercise can avoid medication (psychnet). I work with a therapist and stay  towards  a holistic approach, I have ptsd, I had postpartum depression and  I bet if I tried I could get diagnosed with bi polar as well. Those who are not able to follow a program have some terrible problems. They don’t stay consistent with their therapies; they don’t follow a healthy organic, chemical free, no sugar, no caffeine diet. I have seen them steadily decline and have these really complex dramas that they weave amongst themselves. They go back and forth between addictions and falling into rages, ostracizing themselves from the family for long periods of time. Their health takes a toll, with cancers by Hays definition comes from deep hurt, longstanding resentment, deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatred (hays,159) and all kinds of other ailments like fibromyalgia and back problems ; emotion-Lack of emotional support, feeling unloved, holding back love, Guilt. Stuck in all that “stuff” back there. Get off my back. Fear of money. Lack of financial support ( hay,154 ) In my Brain and Body course there has been some discussion about this being passed down through the family. Weather it is genetics or learned behavior I want to figure it all out before I have to live another day in chaos. This topic keeps running around my head, but I am not going to base this report off of ‘woundology … use the revelation and exchange of our wounds as the substance of conversation’ (209, Myss) I will not blame . That is how we stay in a problem and  give away our power. Understanding enables us to rise above the issue and take control of our future.(35, Hay) Through these  serious diagnoses . Trying to keep a family alive while trying to deal with these issues. One and four women will be depressed at some point in their lives compared to one in eight men. There are over seven million women in the United States with a diagnosable depression.(Foley,Nechas,136) Why? Dr. McGrath in her book Women and Depression; risk factors and treatment issues. “One study estimated that 37%before the age of 21 of women have had a significant experience of physical or sexual abuse. She also states that this number could be more like 50%. If it is genetics that is responsible  than can  people be held responsible for their actions?  learning to deal with your issues needs to happen no matter what you have to work with. Insanity as defined by Louise hay is fleeing from the family, escapism, withdrawal. Violent separation from life. I haven’t raised my kids to believe that responsibility comes from a doctor contrived pill. Yet at the same time I find my self paying big bucks to find a natural holistic approach to dealing with the issue’s in my immediate family, the one that I am responsible for; my tribe, myself and my children. Each day I search out a new method. Herbal remedy’s chamomile and valerian, I have also learned from this class that chocolate and coffee can have some positive effects on the brain. Chocolate releases endorphins and is a great antioxidant. Coffee also has an effect like ridilin where it helps to fire the synapses in the brain. A daily regiment of vitamins : magnesium and potassium levels up, 1-3,000 mg of vitamin c, d,  zinc and b’s Trying to keep us well stocked these things help with anxiety issue’s. This level of care is intense especially when you are the caretaker of the family. . A lot of times this angry curse takes over our house and holds us back from having a good life. Is this brain chemistry? Something that I can’t fix or is this something that  could be a simple remedy? Doreen Virtue would call them  my indigo children, because they under every circumstance do whatever they can to impose their way on you. They are smart and have sensitivities to clothing, skin and cleaners florescent lights, they are spirited, compassionate, and energetic. They have taught me what love is, even through the chaos. Bibliography Anatomy of the spirit, Caroline Myss, PH.D. Harmony books, NY You can heal your life, Louise l hay, Hay House Inc http;// Women’s Encyclopedia of health and emotional healing, Denise foley, Eileen Nechas, Rodale health Dr. McGrath in her book Women and Depression; risk factors and treatment issues. The care and feeding of indigo Children, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D
personal experience with bipolar and depression within my family

How to find the perfect partner original version

This is the original version of ” how to find the perfect person”

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. This has been published  in the winter/ spring 2011 of savior flair magazine


How to find the perfect partner….

This is a life long journey that takes us far away from here. First we have to admit that there is no perfect person for you. Only a person that is perfectly imperfect, like you to coexist with. How do you know who that is? The better question to ask yourself is …. What kind of relationship do I want? What do I want in a partner? How do we find our soul mate to share our life with?

Here is the formula… The power of intention. ( There is a great book by that name by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer that could further the concept.) The formula I am about to disclose is self motivated and you really have to dig deep within yourself. First you have to find one hundred qualities that you want in a life partner, in a relationship. With each characteristic you shape and mold your future.

For me, I had many unsuccessful relationships that were unfulfilled, I had settled with people that were far different than I. . I tried so hard to make it work like a self fulfilling prophecy You can only try so hard. You both have to know what you want and know yourself before you can really invest in something tangible. About twenty five qualities I had written down I gave up and put it aside. It was a half hearted intent and I discovered a half hearted relationship. When it was over I spent some time getting to know me, I did everything I could to better myself from school to the gym. Then I went back to my list. It was a challenge, I had never really thought about it. I wrote it all down, everything I could think of at the same time keeping myself open for new experiences: I wanted someone who could be a parent partner, who loves to go out and dance, but not go out every week. I need someone who could go to shows and festivals but wasn’t an addict, educated but not snobby, they needed to be a healer and environmentally friendly. Yes, I got really specific. I needed someone who was on the same wavelength as I spiritually. A hundred, I found a hundred qualities that I needed to be fulfilled that I could define now.

There are so many options for finding ‘the right one’ in this world. We are so fortunate in this area where we are free to be who we are, for the most part. The resources for dating are numerous, and there are so many more opportunities now than there ever were. Especially if you are doing what you love to do.

I stopped at my favorite coffee shop The Siren in Greenfield and asked the owners Drae and Sarah how they found each other. Drae lights up and smiles her mischievous grin and says “At a coffee shop!” Where else! She also said that there were four success stories about people who had met at the siren this past year alone.

I worked in a few coffee shops. I think that they are some of the most romantic places to be. There is such a wide variety of people who walk through those doors. You get people who are dating for the first time and those who have been together forever. Poets sit and watch love grow while musicians compose.

My family and I did the safe passage hot chocolate run this year. This is a fund raiser to help domestic violence survivors get back on their feet. Walking two miles in the brisk December morning I had time to ask some Questions. Here’s what Eve, who is pregnant with her first baby, glowing bright and dressed very colorful said about her partnership with Michelle.” You have to be on the same wavelength. If I want to go to the grand canyon and she wants to sit home in front of the fire than it won’t work. You have to know what each other wants and know where you want to be in life.”

An anonymous tip chimed in and said that they would sleep on it. Which led to another discussion on should you or shouldn’t you wait to sleep with someone before you commit. Most people I had talked to had a story of waiting only to be disappointed before the morning sun arose. I do. After investing so much time into a relationship then that moment comes when you share your body and soul with someone only to discover that there is no chemistry. Or that they lack the compassion you need to feel safe. If there is no passion once those lips meet than it won’t ever work…. even if you sleep with them. Red flags would wave in front of my face when I didn’t look for those signals or had ignored them. I always regretted it.

Here are a few success stories about those who waited. Gerry who just moved to Nashville said “ We were working together on a senior thesis project… By the end of the semester the relationship had bloomed into something bigger, and we started dating.” They have been together for 13 years now and waited five before making it official with a grand wedding. They just had their first baby. “Communication….  Too many people think the relationship is strong enough to withstand personal sacrifice of each person, but it often isn’t. There is always negotiation and consideration in a relationship, and one person’s immediate goals may need to be put on hold a bit for the relationship to survive and grow. However, both people should discuss their individual goals and dreams openly and honestly. This way you know whether the relationship is taking you where you both want to be as a couple, and individually, or whether it is taking you off try. For me, I knew I found the one when my first thought in the morning and last thought at night is of that person.  When I wanted to spend every minute of the day with him . When you stop thinking about your own needs and start worrying about whether the other person is having their needs met. To be connected means that you know each other so well you can finish each other’s sentences, almost like you know what they are thinking. It also means you can read body language.  Even though things go unsaid, you can pick up on your partner’s mood, and what they’re trying to tell you, without actually speaking.”

Nanci has been with her partner for 5 years. When I asked her thought’s her eye’s lit up and said it has gone by so fast she can’t even believe it. They just adopted two beautiful kids, bought a house and are living a very abundant life. They met through working together, they new each other for a while, passing files back and forth through the office. When they met up at a dance party one night and discovered that they were both single they started dating. Watching these two I have restored hope in life. They work together in perfect harmony, delegating tasks with glances and discussing kids before making decisions. Handling the stress with a whisper of grace. This is truly inspiring.

On line dating seems to be the thing now. Putting yourself out there to the Universe in your query or your profile. Don’t be afraid of who you are and what you want in life. Start by telling the truth, a relationship started with a lie will never last. It is your life and you want to love it for real, not love the lie. Lies dissipate and are hard to keep. This is first impression that you are giving to a potential lover or as you surf around you want your heart chakra to open when you see your dreams reveled.

Kelly and Jesse of Greenfield have been Married for 3 years and they met on a online dating site. “You just put your info in and find someone who has the same desires in life as you and you start talking or not, if your not interested. It’s the easiest way to meet someone if you don’t frequent the bars anymore.”

This is so much different than the casual chat at the bar, this was more serious and focused. You know everyone has a purpose for being there, a intention was set. They have the same mission as you and they don’t want to stop until they have found a ‘match’. Authentic conversations leads to an interconnection that is real and tangible. You for go love at first sight through words and pictures online. Meet in a public place the first few times until you feel comfortable and safe.

When I talked to a few fellow writers about my article of ‘Finding a perfect partner’ They opened my heart with a whole new perspective into this journey. Nicholas from Boston told me ”There is no perfect partner. That saying leaves nothing to be desired. You fall in love, not with a gender, just because there is a chemistry” That was my sentiment too. I asked him how long he had stayed with his lover and how? “17 years we were together” till death do you part. “ You have to want to be together. You have to really love each other. You have to want to try. Than before you know it you are just so busy juggling life, time accumulates into days and then years. “

” Kismet. The stars were in the right place. I was 29 years old just out of a relationship and wanted to go dance. Just dance. I had no intentions of finding anyone in a bar. There I was out in Boston at a mens club and I was approached by a guy who asked me to buy him a beer. I only had two dollars in my pocket and I really didn’t want to share it with him but I had a feeling. We were together every day from that night forward until he died 17 years later. When it came to our sexual aspect of life, we just did it when we wanted. Have sex- sex- no sex here or there. That wasn’t the main part of our life. We did love to dance together. “ His partner died two weeks before Massachusetts passed the same sex marriage right.

Mark Adams who does the Video column for this magazine and his partner Billy from Boston have been together for ‘ 20 long argumentative years.’ He tells me with a laugh “You need to have a sense of humor to get through the bad spots.” They met before the Internet, he put an add into a paper and Billy replied. They got married the year that gay marriages became legal. There were so many advantages to doing this and we weren’t going anywhere. He tells me his secret ” I think the biggest thing is individuals need their own space. Couples change over the years and you have to adapt with it. There is less to keep a gay couple together unless you have kids.” Though I find that with kids it is one of the things that my partner and I fight about. “ We have a dog… I couldn’t leave the dog, what a mess that would be. Who would get custody?”

I thought of this couple that I had worked for years ago, Michael Collins and Pacifico “Tony” Palumbo. They have been together for forty seven years. I went to their pizza shop/ gallery to interview them in the center of Colraine Ma. at an old church named the Green Emporium. The steeple glowed a green and the 3d larger than life pyramid lit up the dark quiet town on this winter night. Inside this transformed place of worship it was decorated in the most eclectic of ways. There is a series oil paintings on the walls that Tony had made of his family from Italy soon to be hanging on the walls of the Italian American Museum. Tony contemplated my questions. ” You have to really care about someone. Understand them. When it comes to us, we are creative people for me it is art, for him it is food. I give him my input because I like food. We appreciate each other. Tell each other the truth. When it comes to art, he is one of my severest critics he is also good at giving me input for ideas, stimulus. It helps us to grow as people. Its a plus for both of us…Distance.. we both have different interests so that helps too. I love to garden, he loves to do the inside work we learned along the way…” They met at a party in New York. Tony had been sick for a while and this was his first party in months. Micheal had just gotten back from St.Thomas he was looking good. Micheal kept running after Tony who was apprehensive at first and then gave in. He liked him, but had just gotten out of a relationship and didn’t want to get involved.

Micheal came in and sat down with us. His eye alive, well established and ready for a busy night. They finish each others sentences as we progress. He tells me “Honesty is the most important priority for him. You have to take the chance when you find them, you just know when you look at them that there is something there. You have to go out and do stuff that you are interested in I was at a party when I discovered him.”

“ You have to argue, fight…Getting out your feelings about things. In other words, we don’t just go along with what the other person wants. Sometimes you have to argue to get your point across. Thats the point of life! It is to be more of who you are. You are not blending as much as you are being yourself” In a relationship you should be safe to be who you really are. “ Then there is the similarities of why you came together and that is why you like the other person. We both have the gift of visualization of seeing things for our future. We are both on the same lines spiritually , we were brought up catholic but we are more spiritual now. We had been together for a long time and wanted to make a long term commitment. When we got married we had a Unitarian and Anglican priest and a Rabbi. It was a way to celebrate our diversity…. There was an incident where someone had gratified on our house. It was horrible, a bunch of kids on alcohol. Different people in the town, some we didn’t even know came to us and offered condolences and to help. The rabbi was instrumental in going to the town officials and asked them to sign a no tolerance law. The Rabbi was there for us.

I consulted with the wise wisdom of my facebook friends… I asked what they thought about finding the perfect person:

Sue from Greenfield has been with her partner for five years says “I believe the universe will provide, but u have 2 b willing to b true to your self out there and remember not to b scared of letting people in”

Vickie Hutch “There is no perfect partner, we need challenges or we stagnate and what fun would that be? Common values, respect for yourself, others, the world, the ability to agree to disagree with respect and that said loving yourself enough to make a commitment that goes beyond the petty day-to day crap we can all get bogged down in.”

Raelyn Rice“well first yuh have to go through the ones yuh cant live wit to find the one yuh can live without…”

SaraRay says “Wanting each other more than anything else. Choosing together the same future, day after day. Creating a family, and building upon the solid foundation that is your relationship. 😉 Remembering always, that you are responsible for your own happiness, that you can not change another’s behavior, only your reaction to it. Honoring and acknowledging all that your loved one does that you adore and appreciate instead of focusing upon the little irritants or disappointments.”

Amy Bovaird “learning to communicate in the way that works for your partner- rather than sticking to your own style of communication… this has made all the difference in my life. But it isn’t easy!”

Kerri wrote: “I have been with my partner for 10 years and she was my total opposite, so I guess we balance each other out. A relationship is like falling in and out of love with the same person over and over again. ”

Miss April “ I know I found the one because no matter how many times Ive seen him in one day, whenever he walks in the room: I lose my breathe and think to myself, “Ahh finally. Thats my darlin” . LOVE can be sooo great.”

You can find your soul mate anywhere, waiting in line, at the grocery store, through friends, work at coffee shops. The possibilities are endless. First you have to find yourself and what makes you happy. If it doesn’t work out just keep thriving, growing and learning each day serving your earth and making your world better. Stay open minded and really listen to what is going on around you looking for those opportunities. When you take that leap communication is the one thing that keeps the eternal fire’s burning.





one oxygen two hydrogen
Goddesses represent the element of water like the gods represent fire. Anahita is the Persian Goddess of immaculate water and fertility. Portrayed as a virgin and the goddess of war. She very closely resembles Ishtar. Their animals are a dove and peacock. Tethys was the Titans goddess of  fresh water and nursing. Could this be where the word teat came from? Her parents being Orananos and Gaia. The waters of Sayella is  the Goddess of time and prophecy. She has the infinite knowledge of creation while her timeless waters flow even through the darkest caves of the oceans. The waters of Baveras are those of the sea. Wild and untamed she has many faces. In a state of constant transition she inspires artists and healers.

Wiccans represent water with the chalice. Using water or wine in ritual cups. Colors between blue and green can be recognized throughout the world to indicate water. Its symbol is an upside down triangle.

The four  astrology signs that divide the year up equal are: Pisces, cancer and Scorpio all share some of same common characteristics  of the water element. These people are able to feel the vibrations of those around them, very sensitive and can easily be carried away, fill others with healing energy or be an emotional drain. Regeneration, restorative, nurturing and dreamy describes a water baby well.

In the fung shui ( literaly means wind and water) practice water is associated with  female, yang energy. Water holds chi ( life force) and is associated with prosperity. Putting a fountain or a fish tank at the north or south ends of your house, which ever one is away from your bedrooms will increase the flow of abdundace into your house.

Winter transitions water to snow for every ten inches of snow equals one inch of rain.  The snow glazes the earth like sugar that sparkles invitingly for us to come and play… Humans run around clearing and cleaning snow moving it  from one place to another.   The weather is  an amazing natural condition. I often find that it helps to stabilize my moods, in one direction or another.

The water cycles through the seasons a infinite supply taken for granted. Rain will wash the earth clean creating pathways that flow over into the rivers. Flowing  into the streaming waters, rivers, lakes and oceans it doesn’t stop there. A completion to the water cypher  radiating evaporation into the heavens again. Carbon cycles from living to dead helping the living grow again completely reliant on the water. Our life repeats itself again.

Giai is so intricate in her complexity letting us bath in her veins. She lets us dance in her tears and swim in her womb. Rapture of the deep consumes some and releases others. I have been caught in her riptides wanting forever to be comfortable in her flowing waters. Feeling one surrounded by her filling my every crevas.
We need water to survive drinking as much as we can manage to cleanse and saturate our  cells. Depending on where we live the majority of the earth has to drink  water contaminated with farming and industrialization. Still she flows trying to detoxify us. She lets us live gathering momentum for the future generations as our bodies become Genetically modified organisms according to our environment. Still we drink and try to digest all of the waste water that has been treated.
As we meditate on the future ahead, work towards a positive view of the future one where organic soils have once again become rich and the water runs clean. With the last oil spill that has taken it’s toll on the gulf it sometimes seems hard to feel optimistic. The energy we need to see us through these next few years needs us to focus on the positive aspects of the future. Where we can detox ourselves  from our codependency on carbon by making it available for everyone.  Putting our minds into solving problems and creating self sustainable communities that are organizing green practices like: Solar and wind power, recycling, non toxic solutions, and more holistic approach to education.  By 2012 marks the end of the Mayan calender and the beginning of a new existence

How do we get back to simplifying? How do we find that pureness that we need? To nourish our bodies with vitality: Collecting rain water from the roof to water our gardens, saving bath water to flush our toilets, not using chemicals in or around our homes, clean up around the water tables and rivers to keep stuff from leaching into the rivers, reduce the amount of manufactured items that you buy into your life, don’t let the water run while your doing dishes or brushing your teeth, reduce the amount of carbon that you produce.

The water element is governed by the heart and the throat chakra.  Dominating your emotional needs, unlocking your past, and healthy emotional balance.  I fill up my glass carafe and place a few crystals in it depending on the property I need; I love quartz crystal for overall well being, amethyst for good dreams and love. Apatite for it’s digestive properties. Blue adventurine for friendships, love, reason and communication. In the summer I put some flowers in the water for flower essences. Each flower holds properties to help you in your life: cherry blossoms and jasmine for love.  You can find numerous books on flower and mineral essence before you do some rocks and flowers do have toxic properties while others are very healing. The very act of letting the water sit lets some chemicals evaporate making the water taste better.


Sometimes the weather feels as though it is a part of my being,

belonging to me. Blending with my tears, soaking my emotions.

Rhyming with pain as it makes my body ache.

A chorus of insanity falls upon the earth.

Flooding our plane of existence…

letting everyone see how I feel.

No sun shall shine from the sky,

warming my insides,

burning my skin.

The moon and stars in the midnight sky

will disguise themselves,

hiding mysteriously behind the darkened clouds

r                     from our curious eyes tonight.
a                A rainfall at night may hold us for ransom inside
i         during the long hours of the darkness.
n           There is a constant tapping. Anahita is

Reminding us to listen intently to the condition of the battle –

on the roof above you.

The wind is rattling the windows,

as if mother nature is trying to breakthrough to you.

It is only the sound of her tears crying on my window of pain,

reminding me of sorrow.

The sound of so many rain drops hypnotizes me into a transcended  state of mind as they hit upon the objects of the earth in the midnight hours.  I would love to stick my tongue out

and let a snowflake fall on it again.


I often feel the rain  is a part of my being.

I take it personally  for it is mine alone.

During the middle of a storm,

I lift my hands high above my head in homage, letting the rain saturate my palms, spilling down in streams through the pits of my arms.

I can only giggle as the torture tickles me.

For the rest of the fallen rain drops stain my clothes wet.

From as far as I can see

– to the ground below my feet-

h2o each molecule is a part of this universe-

a unity for you and me to wash our lives.

The rain seems to follow me wherever I go, from Maine to the bottom of Mexico. Crossing all borders bound for freedom….

Making me wet from the inside out, soaking  my dignity along with  my clothes.

On a day like this, everything is a uniform of grey.

Shadows standing tall and proud around any corner you may turn.

Everybody goes on with their life in a downpour.

The cars flying over thirty-five hydroplane down the streets.

Splashing innocent pedestrians now immersed in a mixture of oily,

murky nasty water

the road had willingly collected for this occasion.

Kids have no worries as they make sure not to miss the chance to jump, dance, splash and kick through every puddle they come across. Only to arrive home in their soaking wet clothes. Dripping liquid all over their mamma’s clean floor. A muddy season with no mercy for the saturated souls. Wrinkled toes pealed from the dripping socks as soggy fingers wring out the water from unwanted wetness. The pretty girls hide their hair. Brave men just don’t care. Our elders are aching within the arthritic wizened culture that divides us.  No matter where you look what you will perceive  is the drizzle falling from the sky. How the motion concurs  over the still dryness that use to be. Rainbows steal the few glimpses of sun that may peak from behind the cloud renewing our faith. Through a silver lining we can see a new beginning.

The night crawlers are having a field day playing slimming their way through the mud, grass and foliage. Outside I get high from my altered states of consciousness, I feel safe from the flood of emotion. The cats are running from one shelter from the next, trying to keep their precious fur coats dry. The cows are lying in the pasture nibbling on grass.

I observe the individual translucent  rain droplets as they hit the middle of the pools of water. The infinity of circles after impact as it dissipates and becomes one with the mass of metallic looking liquid. Each drop reflects our world upside down. Water is the most abundant element on our planet.

Lightening enhances the world we live in with illuminating flashes of light. When the hot and cold air fronts come together it creates a magical sky. The incredibly ravishing electricity with artistic streaks of light tears from the overcast sky into  our ecosystem. Thunder  roars the storm clouds in with a warning making your ear drums vibrate  with the intense sound of the storms position. Anticipating the eye of the storm hoping that it doesn’t  see you. Lightening can be dangerous, but it is still exciting to me. Reviving me with incredible amounts of energy with every glimpse of fire that is cast upon the earth from the heavens above.When I search the skies for a vision to ponder I find striking results in a mid summers storm.