insidious observations

puzzle peices

insidious observations

counting time where it goes

where this path will lead

gradual preoccupation’s

of teenage dominations

this will only get worse

as the world spins

out of control

how do you grasp

something so big?



as attitude?



multiple personalities and kids


heaping preoccupations

when I just want to kick back

take a load off of my anni (hilated)

mind and body

find my center and move there

find my personal space

and live there




I treated my freedom

as a living dying entity

that was very much alive

in the face of making decisions

just for myself

I could be anywhere

without regret

run in the face

of adversary

without sorrow

free from guilt

solace in the sunlight

I mourn my freedom

as I mourh the loss of a relative

one that has escaped dis_ease

and disillusionment

caroling for verse

dancing to death

masquerated as



moments of bliss

gathering momemtum

over a cliff

of suicide

devotion + codependancy

of systematical justice

locked into hours

minuets forced by establishment

bearing witness to all paper trails

free me

from instability

and poverty

half naked/37/soul love saga

I am half naked in waiting

little texts that declare

my position in life

my position in your life

little words and works that

lay in the dance that we danced

the glaring scared eyes

that looked on

wanting and waiting

with your foot in each door

letting your air settle in their places

I see through you

I hold you captivated for this one

moment in time

made you smile

made you mine

until the end of the night

my dancer

i felt you from behind

your rhythm

your kind

your hands in mine

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.
A man and a woman performing a modern dance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thrives/37/soul love saga

signals posted throughout the day

conversations lead me back to you

against all odds and grains I go

to new worlds less explored

following the wind

to the vineyard moon

and the road that takes me

to where I want to go

listening to the phone

jumping for opportunities

that signal my time interrupted

from monotony

the swelling waves

radiate the love in my heart

the buoyancy for me to

make it through these obstacles

catching myself in riptides

careful not to succumb

to rapture of the deep

as  I swim naked and free

in the rolling waves

nothing between

me and giai

except  my skin

surrounded by the elements

the taste of salt licks

my body

the sun tanning

my hide

ing me from my life

The question remains

where do I really want to live

rural or city life

ocean or mountains

this valley

open and wide

with friends

and family

or where

my soul thrives

naked immersion /37/soul love saga





naked immersion

into the ocean

swimming amongst the waves

diving through the water with

my eyes wide open

making love

taking love and

being in love

right here at

the shore



in the sun

under the rays

listening to the vibration

hoping it will carry us through

till we meet again

our cells saturated

and divided

becoming one

I open and close

my mind

my heart

my body

all in the name

of this sacred rite

sacred religion

this sacred ritual

pushing myself

beyond me

beyond this transition

bettering this belief

in the universe

and the magic of all

this is where you will find me

in nature



through it all/37/soul love saga



it’s hard to find the higher self

the light energy being

that guides our way

staying connected to yourself

through true means

some people are so far removed from it

how do you continue

how do you continue to show

love to those who don’t deserve it

showering unkind favors

dragging a few followers

into a cess pool

splashing anyone around

Every day you will find me



in pool of darkness

trying to make it shine

bright and bold

manifesting greatness

though it all

monumental freedom





in the ability to travel

and make choices

between life + love


My sky blue tidings

caged unearthed


unexplored building

a slow + steady love

learning patience

gives way to freedom

I wander

amid clarity + confusion

I regain my composure

amongst paper trails

+ reality

I maintain my off grid

membership my presence



stands in the mountains

tall and proud

in the rivers

cold + clean

gleaning rocks

pottery+ life

in the ocean

pure + wild

If ind my gifts

I find my currency

my wampum shells

to carry me through this


of a new + better life

morbid placidity /37/ soul love saga


spring 2013 081



morbid placidity

the truth lies

between us

their lies over us

separating us

from common ground

the magnetic polarity of the sun flips

still doesn’t change this out come

it’s time to move on.