Eliciting music/ soul love saga

I ran my hand over the CD
it’s familiar disk
held loosely by my feelings
fastened with memories
every time that song played
ran through my mind
eliciting memories that
captivate my soul
Evoking feelings
Making me dance
Away from my comfort zone
Risking just one more chance
Singing just one more lyric
Reasons don’t matter
Just the lingering after effect of the tales told and rhythm played
The way chance and coincidence collided with fate in ecstasy dancing so close Image

Unclassified /soul love saga

No labels sprawled across my chest

Ancient symbols lay over my heart
Finding sacred in the dirt and decay
Finding peace on others heroin highway.
Through the smoke and mirrors
Pain and galore watching the nightmares of the ones you love
While you smell like sweet surrender
In this apocalyptic nation
Endearing of qualities high atop of a tree sat the hawk
Soft sensual sent of Amber oil rubbed on my wrist
on the curve of my neck
inside my thighs
On my belly
My temples pulsing Image
Radiating in this guttural reaction
I’m in waiting for return
I Moon move rivers without a cause
I am a rebel without a cause
Complete in the tide
G’night ocean moon
I know your cells are actively engaged while you move mountains in your dreams
sleep with the angels

Dancing ghost/38/Soul love saga

Photo on 2-21-14 at 11.28 PM

Dancing through the fog

with the parade of ghosts

lightening our way through the darkness

guiding us beyond the known

passing over the landscape to freedom

a  night of mischievous kissing

a night of healing

releasing the discord

and knots that bound me

shroud me with silken wetness

saturating my soul with the

landscape of


a rhythmic binary

bliss awaits me

sweet Isis dance with me

till the morning light

till the dew dissolves

and the salacious

sounds of our feet hitting the earth

our brothers gone by holding company

our sisters visions enlightening royal


walking with the goddess

HI wordpress family!!! feels like its’ been forever since I last posted.

I just finished my last semester of Umass!!! (I hope, this is the third time this overcredited mama has heard this but this time I paid for my deploma so it’s mine!!!!) anyway I couldn’t wait to be done so I could get back on my path and start creating again.

This urgency was burning a hole in my soul. As soon as I finished I made this song. I hope that it sounds like I had  as much fun as I had making it.

Let me know what you think(honestly!) I would like to include it in my interactive copy of quantum spirituality that I am working on…

love and light I hope to be more of a presence now that I am finished with all that work!


walking with the goddess

check out the new spoken words to go with the first chapter of my book quantum spirituality