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Shaman of my soul

The nights of my dreams love of my life, 

Shaman of my soul. 

Secret of universal truth Is…

 We are all one…

Watch me dance 

Through the horizons and rainbows Grab my hips and pull me close. Dance with me through the dappled moon light in the forest. 

Touch the center of my beingYou weren’t just a fleeting moment in my lifetime

Leaving stardust on my trail

You lit Wildfire in my body

Illuminating my soul

We make the thunder role


Well my grown ghetto child

Handsome and undeserving

of the streets drama

the harsh realities that harden

the exterior shell

lest you remember

our days

that grow our awareness

out of decay

that bridge the dreams

and explore tribuutaries

of the psyche

ravenous in delight

raising our vibrations

while we make the thunder roll

with our coming together

I cant seem to get enough

and delight in our


as they grace my memories

trying to get closer with each

movement or word

we speak in truth

leaving the parables

to poems

shining our love and  light

onto  the naked bodies

laying awake

not missing a second

while making up  from lost time

Unexpected gratitude

IMG_2305Unexpected worlds

turning at speeds less deserved

not knowing

tonight is the blood moon

gorgeous salicous

sentances flow from the ether

to my hands to be read

by the likeness of minds

I gave all of me in moments

of bliss

just to be a part of something real


trying not to judge my actions

living for the moment

I said almost everything

I needed to say

not everything

i wanted

I can not make something

from nothing

but can turn nothing

into art

feelings fronted

for a sacred act

feelings as real as the earth and sky

kissing the horizon where they meet

colours engaged in a tribal war

just to be free

not blended like a class


loving for the sake of loving

not blending

just loving

being in the moment

Grateful for the chance

to play

grateful for all that comes my way

pulsing sapiosexual/38/soul love saga


My being pulses

quakes as you speak


engaging and seducing me with your knowledge

emanating power through wordporn

satisfying my thirst for wisdom

my quest for education

I am a sapiosexual being

attracted by intellectuals

aroused by the profound

tacenda they say

but my splashing in my genetic pool

my eggs are waiting

tacenda they say

yet these are things that need to be said

not passed over in silence

this isn’t a secret

directly observing

genetically modifying

sifting through the macho guise

for scarce intelligence to pass on

taste and fable/37/ soul love saga


taste and fable

I may conform

in body

but my spirit

will not!

my stomach

is tangled

my heart is prolapse

waiting for news.



sacred time

sacred notions

sweet moments

that last forever

hoping for more

more of you to touch

taste and fable

more sweet moments

that will stand the test of time


regions +territories



inescapable from

the what I

that dominate

our landscape

and the trials

that held our

life for ransom

the hurt unsettled

from this

unfulfilled journey


Living in parables/24/soul love saga

Another day gone
living in parables
do you have all you want
and didn’t count for?
Do you have what you loved for so long
DO you change a potentially wonderful life
and loose my sex
my sex
my sex
where did it go?
He didn’t know what love was
neither did I
I assumed it would work out

all on stand by
what is it going to be
I’ll grow old
today I don’t know

disobeyed/23/soul love saga

spring 2013 101

I try to slide through
scape through
this scenery
ackward encounters
punish us
makes our minds
our time
I wanted to be the all
to everyone
all to my children
when they disobeyed
I lost my words
to say

Im so scared
I lost myself
I don’t know how to handle
you holding her
losing the security and comfort
you give me
your love so sweet
I slashed your innocence
stole your virginity
our relationship
ignited in one night

let ing it rip listening to reba last week revised edition/soul love saga

Subjective realities
no public privacy
when you step out
or your home

his hands are always
his kind eyes
rest on me
he’s precocious
in the way
he opens me up

our worlds and rhythms

He loves me to the bone
between fear and home
making love
while conquering
instable future
farther away
time for flowers
time for fathers
no time for us
no more time to play
where’s the divine
praying for justice

just to be

fates signal/24/soul love saga

spring 2013 113

base of my morals
saw way to much
loving him kept me alive

Helped my to play flys game and win
the things I saw
I heard too much to forget
I was conned
into living with a *&^#

Love is the only thing
that kept me from a life
of &^%^#@%^&
I could be the %^&*&^
of Manhattan now
His face was all I could see
instead of lips
I never wanted to kiss
Hands of others
I have always wanted to deny

when I thought
I’d never be in contact
with him again
I let love in
he’s always felt that way
what the fuck!!!!
I dealt with the tears
where were you?
Now I have that
sweet special someone
who gives me all
he has to offer
my hesitance hurts???
I’ve been raped
from the insight out
inside out
I feel how I feel
but that’s not
how it should be
tell like it is
my hazy
sunset scene
explain the dream
I life peacefully
no gods grace
where souls are safe
from the universe
do I dare????
I do not know
I’ll wait for fates signal
So I can understand
Life will never be the same
If I change
do I dare???
do I care???
I love sweetly
foreversoundly and costly

tantalizing forever/soul love saga

spring 2013 077Sorry I didn’t wash
the memories of your kisses
are still vibrating
across my body
I smell you comming from
inside me
I can still taste you
tantalizing forever
wondering how it will
all play out.