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for our benefit/ 37/soul love saga

Add new spasmodic affiliations

afflicted with past revenue

past grief

and wrong doings to my body

to my body wrong doings were done

done and disabled are the wrongs

of human kind done by mankind

the human body was meant to nourish the divine earth

saturate her with our blood

composed with belief

as we tended fields our most sacred

moon cycles fell from our wombs

un-pregnated to the earth we worked

as drops landed in plants we cared for

modifying the earth we walked among creatures

as we were once one

plasmas and secretions

fell from our bodies to the hungry earth

needing replenishing from sustaining us

now hungry the fields are

from being over processed

to many years of not being cared for

over utilized we have lost touch with


our purpose of completions

of mass populating matrix style

designating chemical warfare

on our own environments

cancers rise

neurological disorders

plague the earth like never before

as the quality of the food

we bring to the table declines

the master of materials

master of rules

master of the public welfare system

should make compost mandatory

recycling  obligatory laws

make community gardens necessary

food stamps and poor farm work

that begins our rise out of the oppressive system

that has held us down and under

work for our food work for our benefit

rise above the system to be the system

that stabilizes and provides our own needs

in ways that nurture our souls

providing the child care we need

legalize the plants that ban the pills

universal health care not sick care

capture the rights of the people

to be safe from gang wars of our generations

our generations that have fought for fuel

the only biomass that is sustainable is hemp

and bio fuel in this counter culture

mushrooms  that are magic to counter balance the toxins


fukushima daiichi nuclear disaster

nuke fuels that are pouring thousands of gallons of toxic waste

into our oceans are already having detrimental effects on the earths creatures

un-repeatable problems that will last for thousands of years

along with the oil spills  that would have been cleaned with tossed grass

and chem trails that keep flying

spitting and sputtering controlling our weather through destroying

our atmosphere

where are we going?

such simple creatures causing such harm

who is to start doing the right thing

who will go down in history

governing laws that protect and serve

us and the earth

who’s to be accountable?

where are we really going with all this?

when ebb gives way to flow/37/ soul love saga


when ebb gives way to flow

the cairns we spent

summers on the green river on

building to suit our esthetics

painstaking placements of rocks

on top of boulders

on top of mounds of river rocks

balancing precisely just to place one more

when ebb gives way to flow

the river flooded unexpectedly  and changed


widening the  Green river

tearing through glass houses

knocking over  mounds of cairns

displacing people + tree’s

all inclusive inevitable  change


I glean for crystals on the banks edge

like I glean for hope

freedom rain/32/soul love saga

nyc 064 t
Freedom Rain u
today is the day that matters e
indecision is the fact
that won’t let you sleep at night t
that won’t let your dreams go o
that hold you for ransom
until you are true to your soul y

today is the day
that the universe will take
you for granted,
will turn your life
into the destined road
that is yours alone to make your path
only then will freedom rain

today is the beginning of life,
of death another cycle, another existence
there is more than one answer,
more than one way
than what is happening to you today
more than who you are and what you stand for
whatever it is you’re not alone

you’re not alone in your troubles or beliefs
not alone in your smiles
and grief
you’re not alone in context
and page you’re not alone

rain/23/soul love saga

Sometimes the weather feels as though it is a part of my being, belonging to me blending with my tears soaking my emotions. Rhyming with pain as it makes my body ache. A chorus of insanity falls upon the earth. Flooding our plane of existence letting everyone see how I feel. No sun shall shine from the sky, warming my insides, burning my skin. The moon and stars in the midnight sky will disguise themselves hiding mysteriously behind the darkened clouds from our curious eyes tonight.

The rain seems to follow me wherever I go, from Maine to the bottom of Mexico, making me wet from the inside out, soaking my dignity along with my clothes.

On a day like this, everything is a uniform of grey. Shadows standing tall and proud around any corner you may turn. Everybody goes on with their life in a downpour. The cars flying over thirty-five hydroplane down the streets. Splashing innocent, not so lucky, pedestrians now immersed in a mixture of oily, murky nasty water the road had willingly collected for this occasion.

Kids have no worries as they make sure not to miss the chance to jump, dance, splash and kick through every puddle they come across only to arrive home in their soggy wet clothes, dripping with muddy liquid all over their mamma’s clean floor. The pretty girls hide their hair. Brave men just don’t care. No matter where you look, what you will perceive is the drizzle falling from the sky. How the motion concurs over the still dryness that use to be.

A rainfall at night may hold us for ransom inside during the long hours of the darkness. There is a constant tapping, reminding us to listen intently to the conditions of the battle on the roof above you.  The wind is rattling the windows as if Mother Nature is trying to break in to get you. It is only the sound of her tears crying on my window of pain, reminding me of sorrow. The sound of many rain drops hypnotizes me into a transcended state of mind as they hit upon the objects of the earth in the midnight hours.

The night crawlers are having a field day playing slimming their way through the mud, grass and foliage. Outside I get high from my altered states of consciousness, I feel safe from the flood of emotion. The cats are running from one shelter from the next, trying to keep their precious fur coats dry. I observe the individual translucent rain droplets as they hit the middle of the pools of water, the infinity of circles after impact as it dissipates and becomes one adding to the mass of metallic looking liquid.

Lightening enhances the world we live in with illuminating flashes of light. When the hot and cold air fronts come together, it creates a magical sky. Incredibly ravishing electricity with artistic streaks of light tears through the overcast sky. The incredibly ravaging electricity with artistic streaks of light tears through the over cast sky making it scream and holler as it strikes the earth with a killer bolt. Thunder rolls the storm clouds in with a roar of warning making your ear drums vibrate with the intense sound of the storms position. Anticipating the eye of the storm hoping that it doesn’t see you. Lightening can be dangerous, but it is still exciting to me, reviving me with incredible amounts of energy with every glimpse of fire that is cast upon the earth from the heavens above. When I search the skies for a vision to ponder I find striking results in a mid-summers storm.

I have to look past the winter, for the rain is far too cold bringing on long bouts of misery that tends to dampen my spirits. The weather is  an amazing natural condition I often find that it helps to stabilize my moods, in one direction or another.

I often feel the rain is a part of my being. I take it personally for it is mine alone. During the middle of a storm, I lift my hands high above my head in homage, letting the rain saturate my palms, spilling down in streams through the pits of my arms. I can only giggle as the torture tickles me for the rest of the fallen rain drops stain my clothes wet. From as far as I can see to the ground below my feet each molecule is a part of this universe a unity for you and me to wash our lives.
each drop is a reflection of the world we live in upside down without judgment….

nature/35/soul love saga

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Nature’ is in guise
-a gesture of reality.
A quiet moment among flowers
Only surpassed – by the rustling
Of the canopies leaves
A treasure tropism guided by Magik
Automatic reflex- igniting mystery
A proboscis unraveled into nectar,
Because of the   toes tasting…

In the pachysandra
Tickling wet from dew
Escaping aroma
Interrupts my sentiments


In her purest voice simplicity-spoken words
Through her humble movements- oceans and rivers
Waterfalls and tides
A voice that begins in a whisperer
Crickets-birds- rodents
Growing louder in an enthusiastic roar
Lions-tigers and bears
Is the most unreasonable in
Her earth quaking soul shaking way
Unforgivable tornado plow driven ways
Leveling and over taking
She continues to grow over our decay
Making right of all our wrongs

whispers/34/soul love saga

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An unmovable object
Conquering time worlds apart
                  As they drift
                          Through the
                                           Air like clouds
If thunder was
A voice
Have you listened?
Have you heard the sound of falling rain?
As it whispers
Our Name

unholy/19/soul love saga

nyc 106

nyc 111Unholy
Sometimes it comes to a breaking point
You’ll never notice
until you look back
when you thought that they forgot
you get a knowing look
when hardships go down
I climb my way to the top
A poets tower
watching aura’s of deceptions
a land of vengeful retaliation
Unholy shades of purple
Maroon rain soaks past pain
How many friends do I lose along the way?
Names escape faces, as new era’s move in

Not forgetting what made me
the past created a bond
We shared, lived, and moved on
Things shall happen
Causing a stronger Nirvana

interpretations/35/soul love saga

Convoluted situations
across the nations
another risk
in reasons
drastic revelations
in dreams
Energetic prophecy
Hypothetical evaluations
onto cross contamination’s
Makes sense to me
To rain on litigation’s
Mild interpretations of this place,
And space we occupy

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