~*trancendance *~/ soul love saga 38


In the face of malice

I transcend….

at the base of all that existed in my life

from the making of my father and mother~*

and the joining cells of my beginning

I am transcending.~*

I began from a pure state of love

and joy

as I metamorphosed

in my mothers womb…

Somehow through we all grew

living in each moment

as the sun shined on my face~*

I thrived…

As my hands learned to create

I began to feel connection,

from what I thought,

to my possibilities,  my capabilities…

I felt a connection to everything living and breathing with Giai

I extend my gratitude for the ability to surrender in the face

of adversity.

To be able to focus and push a project through to the end.

I am grateful for my strength to endure and overcome

obstacles that ss my limitations

I give thanks to my spirit

for not giving up in my darkest hours

for being able to open my eyes and find the light.

when I just wanted to close them forever…

I am blessed to find the more I love the less I feel broken..

 secure in knowing my love is a gift of  energy

that strengthens bonds repairing cells as we breath.

Crosses the threshold of dimensions

dancing on the  matrix web of life

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